Exploring Culture with Virtual Reality

Exploring Culture with Virtual Reality

Exploring Culture with Virtual Reality Sherry Dickerson While you are waiting, try to download Google Expeditions on your phone. Once downloaded, search for a place you would like to explore and download that expedition. Objectives Discuss how using virtual reality can help students explore different elements of culture. Identify different sources to provide virtual reality experiences to students.

Explore visible thinking routines that can be used in combination with virtual reality experiences. What is virtual reality? "Virtual reality entails presenting our senses with a computer-generated virtual environment that we can explore in some fashion."(Virtual Reality Society, www.vrs.org.uk) Virtual Reality Options for the Classroom Google Cardboard @

$8/viewer from Amazon Universal VR viewers from Bnext @ $32/viewer from Virtual Reality in Practice Make specific, focused and intentional activities Have students explore different cultural aspects that relate to your curriculum Pair students together and have them take

turns Consider using visible thinking routines to https://www.thinglink.com/scene/ My preferred list of VR apps for open exploration On iphone Google Expeditions app Youtube VR Step 1: Open the YouTube app and start playing any video. Step 2: Tap the three-dot "More" icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Step 3: Tap Cardboard, then insert your

phone into your VR headset. Google Earth app Google Street View app 360 Cities app for Android Or open in browser and click VR button Google Arts and Culture VR app On computer Google Expeditions app on Google Play Youtube VR: https://www.youtube.com/360 Google Earth Voyager Googe Street View 360 Cities https://www.360cities.net/ Google Arts and Culture on Google Play

My preferred list of VR DIY options for guided tours Tool Description Google Expeditions If on same secure wi-fi network with students, you can guide an expedition. Google Tour Creator https://vr.google.com/tourcreator/ Can create tours with audio so students can access it outside of the classroom If doing a guided tour students have to be on the same secure network

Nearpod.com Great source to organize sources and share images with students. Has a lot of other good tools Thinglink.com Can have 2D photo to start and then link material from there, more like a webquest with guided exploration individually, Can link photos together, narrate tour with focus points and audio, accessible on phone or computer https://theta360.com/en/ 360 camera to take your own 360 pictures

and make your own tours Examples to use in the classroom Day of the Dead Argentina Mexican Artists Youtube 360

Google Earth Voyager Google Arts and Culture Tips and tricks Use apps that already have content available and developed. Allow students to choose what they want to explore at times.

Do these activities as centers. Have some students work on VR while others use laptops to explore VR online. Google Earth, Google Street View, 360 Cities, work well on a computer. These activities are great motivators for finishing class work. If this is a transition activity or filler before class is over, students will enjoy this option! Have students turn in evidence of their learning and reflect on what they have learned. Visible Thinking Routines

Visible Thinking is a flexible and systematic researchbased conceptual framework It integrates the development of students' thinking with content learning across subject matters. It was originally developed at Lemshaga Akademi in Sweden as part of the Innovating with Intelligence project. It is part of the Project Zero project at the Graduate School of Education at Harvard.

Check it out here! http://www.visiblethinkingpz.org/VisibleThinking_html_files /03_ThinkingRoutines/03a_ThinkingRoutines.html Visible Thinking Routine Options with VR Think Puzzle Explore See

Think Wonder Visible Thinking Routine Options with VR I used to think 3 Thoughts Now I think 2 Questions 1 Analogy Visible Thinking Routine Options with VR Claim

Support Question Stop Look Listen VR in Practice Work with a partner to explore the scene you explored in Google Expeditions.

One person explores and tells their partner what they see using the target language. The other person takes notes in the see section of the chart. Take turns exploring the scenes and writing. After both have explored, complete the think and wonder sections of the chart, having a deeper conversation about what you explored. See

Think Wonder Questions? Feel free to contact me! [email protected]

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