Emperical Formular of Zinc Chloride

Emperical Formular of Zinc Chloride


EMPIRICAL FORMULA OF ZINC CHLORIDE Students will determine - the empirical formula of zinc chloride by a process known as synthesis - the empirical formula from their data - the empirical formula from the class average It is best to perform several experiments and obtain average

values for the result EMPIRICAL FORMULA - The lowest whole number ratio of atoms present in a compound - the lowest whole number ratio of moles of atoms in a compound For example - The molecular formula of glucose is C6H12O6 - The empirical formula is CH2O

EMPIRICAL FORMULA Can be determined by the following methods Analysis - A compound is broken down into its element - The mount of each element present is accurately determined Synthesis - Prepared from accurately measured amounts of each of its elements

EMPIRICAL FORMULA - Determine the mass of each element found in the formula (may be grams or percentage composition by mass) - Convert each mass to moles using the atomic masses of the appropriate elements - Divide each mole amount by the smallest number of moles - Round each mole ratio to the nearest integer - Write the whole numbers as subscripts in the formula

EMPIRICAL FORMULA Determine the empirical formula of a compound whose composition is determined to be 74.83% carbon and 25.17% hydrogen Assume 100.0 g sample % of each element equals grams C H

74.83 g 6.231 mol 12.01g/mol 25.17 g 24.97 mol 1.01g/mol

6.231 mol 1.000 6.231 mol 24.97 mol 4.007 6.231 mol 1.000 1

4.007 4 Empirical Formula: CH4 ZINC METAL - Mass about 1 gram of zinc metal - Record this mass

EVAPORATING DISH - Mass a clean, dry evaporating dish - Record this mass HYCHLORIC ACID

- Use the automatic dispensing bottle - Dispense 10 mL of 12 M hydrochloric acid (HCl) directly into the evaporating dish HYCHLORIC ACID + ZINC METAL - Carefully add the zinc to the dish containing the HCl

- Must be done in the hood - Allow all of the zinc to dissolve EVAPORATE LIQUID - Gently warm solution on a hotplate - Must be done in the hood - Avoid spattering - A white powdery substance (zinc

chloride) will form COOL AND MASS PRODUCT - Avoid melting of zinc chloride - Take the dish off the hotplate when content is dried enough - Allow the dish to cool

COOL AND MASS PRODUCT - Mass the dish and the zinc chloride - Record the mass CALCULATIONS - Complete your calculations on the data sheet - Report the percent by mass of each element to the instructor before leaving the lab

- The class average is needed to complete the lab report

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