CY USB3.0 Hub - HX3

CY USB3.0 Hub - HX3

USB 3.0 Cypress USB Portfolio Device Hub Bridge CYUSB301x FX3 32 Bit Bus to USB 3.0 ARM9; 512 KB RAM CYUSB33xx HX3 4 Ports; Shared Link 2 BC 1.23; Ghost Charge 4 CYUSB306x CX3 CSI-25 to USB 3.0 4 CSI-25 Lanes; 1 Gbps/Lane Host Storage Power Delivery CYUSB303x FX3S 16 Bit Bus to USB 3.0 RAID8; Dual SDXC6/eMMC7 CY7C6621X USB-PD 2 Ports; 5 Profiles; 100 W I2C/SMBus USB 2.0 CYUSB302x SD3 SDXC6/eMMC7 to USB 3.0 RAID8 CY7C6801x/53 FX2LP 16 Bit Bus to USB 2.0 8051; 16 KB RAM CY7C656x4 HX2VL 4 Ports 4 Transaction Translators CY7C68003 TX2UL ULPI1 PHY 13, 19.2, 24, 26 MHz CY7C656x1 HX2LP 4 Ports 1 Transaction Translator CYWB016xBB Bay HS USB OTG Dual SDXC6/eMMC7 CYWB032xABX Arroyo 16 Bit Bus to USB 2.0 8051; SD/eMMC7 CYWB022xABS Astoria 16 Bit Bus to USB 2.0 8051; Dual SD/eMMC7 Power delivery product applies to any USB speed CY7C6803x NX2LP NAND Flash to USB 2.0 8051; 15 KB RAM USB 1.1 CY7C683xx AT2LP PATA9 to USB 2.0 8051 CY7C638xx enCoRe II M8C MCU; 20 GPIO SPI; 8 KB Flash CY7C64225 USB-to-UART 230 Kbps

SL811HS FS USB Host/Device 256 Byte RAM CY7C64215 enCoRe III M8C MCU; 50 GPIO; ADC I2C/SPI; 16 KB Flash CY7C65213 USB-to-UART 3 Mbps; 8 GPIO CY7C67300 EZ-Host 4 Ports; FS USB OTG 32 GPIO CY7C643xx enCoRe V M8C MCU; 36 GPIO; ADC I2C/SPI; 32 KB Flash CY7C6521x USB-Serial UART/SPI/I2C to USB 2 Channels; CapSense CY7C67200 EZ-OTG 2 Ports; FS USB OTG 25 GPIO 3 UTMI low pin interface Battery Charging specification rev 1.2 4 Simultaneous USB 2.0 and Enables USB charging without USB 3.0 traffic on the same host connection port Owner: MARF 001-91262 Rev ** Camera Serial Interface v2.0 SD Extended Capacity 7 Embedded MultiMediaCard HX3 Pop-up Presentation 1 5 2 6 8 Redundant array of independent disks Production Sampling 9 Parallel ATA Development/Concept New 1 HX3: Cypress USB 3.0 Hub Controller HX3 Features Block Diagram USB 3.0-compliant 4-port Hub controller USB-IF certified (Test ID: 330000047) WHQL certified for Windows 7, Window 8, Windows 8.1 Shared Link: Supports simultaneous SuperSpeed (SS) and USB 2.0 Devices on the same port (effective 8 ports) Ghost Charge: Enables USB charging while the Hub is disconnected from a USB Host Charging Standard support: USB-IF Battery Charging v1.2 Apple Charging Standard Charging an OTG Host in an ACA-Dock Programming of external EEPROM via USB-I2C bridge Configurable drive, eye height1 for SS and USB 2.0 PHYs 68-QFN (8 x 8 x 1.0 mm), 88-QFN (10 x 10 x 1.0 mm) Upstream Port SS PHY 2 2 4

HX3 Hub EEPROM USB 2.0 PHY USB 3.0 PHY 8 MCU I 2C 32 16 32 SuperSpeed Hub Controller USB 2.0 Hub Controller 16 32 Buffers 4x TT2 Repeater 16 32 Routing Logic Routing Logic 32 16 Collateral Datasheet: Application Note: Certification Report: Interoperability Report: HX3 USB 3.0 Hub Datasheet HX3 Hardware Design Guide HX3 Certification Report HX3 Interoperability Report USB 3.0 PHY SS PHY USB 3.0 PHY USB 2.0 PHY 4 2 Downstream Port 1 Boards and Software Kits: Configuration Utility: SS PHY 4 USB 3.0 PHY USB 2.0 PHY 2 Downstream Port 2 SS PHY 4 USB 3.0 PHY USB 2.0 PHY 2 SS PHY 4 USB 2.0 PHY 2 Downstream Port 3 Downstream Port 4 Availability CY4609, CY4603, CY4613 Blaster Plus3

Sampling: Production: Now Q1 2014 The vertical opening of SS or Hi-Speed (HS) eye diagram expressed in volts; USB 3.0 spec = 100 mV, USB 2.0 spec = 350 mV Transaction Translator (TT) is a logic block that translates FS/LS traffic into HS traffic. HX3 has 4 TTs (one per DS port), eliminating sharing of FS bandwidth 3 A Cypress GUI-based PC application for setting HX3 configuration parameters in an external EEPROM 1 2 Owner: MARF 001-91262 Rev ** HX3 Pop-up Presentation 2 HX3s Shared Link Splits 1 Port into 2 Use Shared Link to double the number of USB ports Shared Link allows each downstream USB 3.0 port to be split into an internal SS port and a standard USB 2.0 port Example: Shared Link Provides Six USB Ports in a Notebook USB 2.0 WiFi Module SS (internal) 4 USB 2.0 2 USB 3.0 6 PC Chipset 6 US DS4 HX3 Internal SS Port 6 USB 3.0 USB 2.0 D+ D- 2 SSTX+ SSTX- SS (internal) 6 USB 3.0 SSRX+ USB 3.0 6 SSRX- DS3 Standard USB 2.0 Port DS1 USB 3.0 Camera DS2 Notebook PC Motherboard USB 3.0 Port Split into SS Port and Standard USB 2.0 Port 4 HX3 USB 3.0 Port

USB 3.0 Card Reader HX3s Shared Link creates eight downstream ports from a four-port USB 3.0 Hub Owner: MARF 001-91262 Rev ** HX3 Pop-up Presentation 3 HX3 Supports Many Charging Standards Charge multiple portable Devices with HX3 HX3 supports BC v1.2, YD/T 1591-20061 and the Apple Charging Standard Use special charging modes Ghost Charge: Charges a portable Device without the need for a Host connected to the US port ACA-Dock: Charges a smartphone or tablet supporting USB On-the-Go 2 (OTG) Example: Notebook PC Docking Station with Ghost Charge Example: Tablet Docking Station with ACA-Dock Power to Smartphone (HX3 Downstream Port) USB Cable HX3 Power to Tablet (HX3 Upstream Port) Notebook PC Undocked HX3 Power to USB HDD (HX3 Downstream Port) USB Cable USB HDD Charge a smartphone without docking the notebook 1 2 Provide power to both upstream and downstream ports A USB battery charging standard defined by the Chinese Ministry of Information and Industry A USB-IF specification that requires portable Devices to function as a Host when connected to Devices and to function as a Device when connected to a Host Owner: MARF 001-91262 Rev ** HX3 Pop-up Presentation 4 HX3 Drives Longer USB 3.0 PCB Traces PC motherboards sometimes need longer PCB traces, often greater than 6 inches HX3 enables the use of trace lengths up to 11 compared to 6 specified by the competition HX3 gives board designers more flexibility in placing a USB 3.0 Hub on a PCB USB 3.0 Eye Diagram, 4.5 Trace HX3 Silicon Validation Board Eye Height = 265 mV1 USB Connector 4.5 PCB 10 Cable HX3 6.0 USB 3.0 Eye Diagram, 7.5 Trace Eye Height = 209 mV1 10 Cable 7.5 9.0 USB 3.0 Eye Diagram, 11.0 Trace Eye Height = 142 mV1 11.0 10 Cable HX3s signal quality provides more flexibility in your PCB design Owner: MARF 001-91262 Rev ** HX3 Pop-up Presentation 1 USB 3.0 spec = 100 mV 5

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