CPC Test Format - repo.pmi.edu

CPC Test Format - repo.pmi.edu

Modifiers Coding and Billing Services Objectives Understand what modifiers are Learn rules for using modifiers Recognize the exceptions to the rules What Are Modifiers? Modifiers are codes that contain 2 digits or characters that specify: Anatomical

positions Physician involvement Unusual circumstance s Where Are Modifiers? HCPCS Manual Appendix 2 QZ 1 or 2 alphabetical characters CPT Book

Appendix A 47 2 numeric digits P1 Anesthesia modifier Anatomical Positions An anatomical modifier from the HCPCS Appendix 2 indicates the body area that was serviced H H

C CP S S C CP 32420-LT Left Chest 26080-F5 Right Thumb

Anatomical Positions Refer to the CPT Appendix A if the report indicates services performed bilaterally If the procedure code describes a bilateral procedure, modifierPT 50 would not apply C CP T Code-50

Both breasts Code-50 Both thumbs Physician Involvement The radiology clinic would report If the physician performs the x-ray and interprets the report, no modifier is needed 71010-TC This modifier sequence is usually only applied to radiology services

Technical component The physician would report Technical & Professional component Professional 71010-26 component Unusual Circumstances 44010-62 44010-99-62-53 Two surgeons conduct a duodenotomy with a biopsy. Each perform distinct parts of the procedure. Me, too.

Im going to append modifier -62 to my bill If the procedure is discontinued, the surgeons would append modifier -53 to their bills. D E U N I T N O C

DIS Multiple Modifiers Up to 4 modifiers can be appended to a procedure code 44010-99-66-47-LT 99 indicates that more CPT modifiers first modifiers follow Modifiers should be reported in descending order Beware of this sequencing when reading test questions

Summary Keys to S ccess 1. Donu t panic ! Modifiers provide specificity to a code 2. Read car efully. 3. Rememb er the rules.

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