Color template - WSA Head Start and ECEAP

Color template - WSA Head Start and ECEAP

DEL updates Amy Blondin, DEL Government & Community Relations Manager Nicole Rose, DEL PreK-3 and ECEAP Administrator Washington State Head Start/ECEAP Training Consortium Directors Retreat July 9, 2014 Today ECEAP updates

WAC and performance standards revisions Background checks Expedited licensing Preschool work group 2015-17 preschool budget request Other DEL updates

Federal preschool grant competition Early Achievers updates 2015-17 agency requests (budget and policy) Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships grant Licensing rules ECEAP WAC update

Parts of ECEAP Performance Standards Sections B and C are in WAC WAC revisions include: Legislation passed in 2014: Families involved in Child Protective Services and Family Assessment Response are eligible & prioritized Title changes and additional qualification options for some job roles (standards) Updated expectations about PDPs

Revised ECEAP Performance Standards Changes for 2014-15 school year Eligibility and prioritization Meals and snacks Staff roles and qualifications Adult to child ratio to 1:10 Clean-up: Guidelines, Teaching Strategies GOLD, DECA ECEAP Portable Background Checks

Staff with unsupervised access to children Estimated timeline: New contractors: July 1, 2015 Phase-in for existing contractors throughout the 2015-16 school year Developing the PBC process in partnership with licensing Expedited licensing DEL will pilot an ECEAP expedited

licensing process Licensors and Pre-K Specialists will work together to assess basic health and safety requirements such as: Safe facilities, equipment and materials Adult to child ratio (if children are present) Infectious disease prevention

Playground safety Expedited licensing visit will also include Review of some ECEAP contractor requirements: Eligibility and enrollment practices to ensure compliance with ECEAP and WCCC eligibility policies and procedures ECEAP Contractor responsibilities from the ECEAP

contract Contractors plan for monitoring sites, including subcontractors Technical assistance related to: Participation status in Early Achievers Early Achievers, Teaching Strategies GOLD and ELMS data CLASS, ERS, coaching and data Fire marshal timelines Rated in Early Achievers prior to Oct. 5, 2014:

Must complete a request for inspection by Nov. 15, 2014 Not rated prior to Oct. 15, 2014: Must complete a request for inspection by Feb. 15, 2015 Sites located in public school buildings that have passed an inspection within the last 6 months: Must submit a copy of that inspection to DEL within the timelines stated in bullets above.

ECEAP expansion New full school day: 1,040 Converted full school day: 352 New extended day: 310 Converted extended day: 224

Preschool expansion operational work group Composed of applicant recipients, ELAC rep Develop future preschool model components: Differentiated family support and engagement services Evidence-based parent and childrens curricula Caseload forecast

Federal preschool grant competition FY14 Appropriations : $250 million to support states to build, develop and expand voluntary, highquality preschool programs for children from low- and moderate-income families.

Two types of grants: Development Grants: Low-capacity states with small or no state-funded preschool programs Expansion Grants: High-capacity states that have a larger state-funded preschool program (Washington would Funding Funding bands based on population of 4-year- olds from families at 200% FPL and below

State must identify high-need communities Subgrant at least 90% of funds to implement preschool services in one or more high-need community No more than 10% for infrastructure and quality improvements What this could mean for Washington Washington is eligible for the

Expansion Grant Up to $70 million for expansion over the next four years Application process Anticipate the application will be released in August Early Achievers update DEL 2015-17 legislative requests

Potential policy bills include: Clean up of Early Support for Infants and Toddlers (ESIT) language Required use of electronic subsidy system Strengthening Early Achievers language in our statute Allowing ECEAP programs to go through expedited licensing process to reduce duplication in standards/ monitoring Potential budget requests include: Sustain Early Achievers

Expand ECEAP toward statutory entitlement Additional funding for home visiting, ESIT Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships Updated licensing rules Revised the definition of preschool-age child in licensed care to: Allow greater flexibility in grouping children near the cutoff between preschool age and school-age (Include children through age 6 not in kindergarten)

Allow providers to move ambulatory infants into mixed age groups based on the childs development and individual needs. Questions? Stay connected! 19

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