Clocking in and out

Clocking in and out

RETAIL STORE CLOSING This Presentation Will Outline The Tasks an Associate Performs when Closing the Store. Click on slide or hit slide. arrow to advance to next Flip the front sign to CLOSE and lock the front door. Bring in the flag and wheel the wagon(s) to the rear of the store.

Do not wheel the wagons through the store under ANY circumstances. Put the wagon(s) into the storage container. Bring any necessary stock from the storage container into the store. Re-stock the shelves with any product that is low in the store. Close and lock the outside storage container. Put key back in drawer. Close and lock side sliding door.

Remove days cash/check payments from each drawer if any. Refer to Store Manual for specific details. Refer to Daily Sales Report to get totals. Put any cash/check payments in an envelope marked with the date and total of cash, total of checks and grand total. Seal envelope and put in the designated spot. Count both cash drawers (should be $200 in each drawer).

If there is a discrepancy in either drawer, recount. If still incorrect, have a co-worker count. If still incorrect, put a note with the amount its over or under, date and initials in the drawer corner. Tell Christie of the issue on the end of day email. Bundle trash from all 3 baskets, put in back room or in storage container. Tidy and wipe down counters. Vacuum rug if necessary.

Turn off Keurig coffee machine. Turn off power strip as well. Turn heat or A/C down/off. One associate each shift needs to send Christie an end of day Follow up summarizing the work day (when shes not working at the store). The follow up subject should be that days date and the message should include: Products we are low on / out of Customer special orders / parts requested

Listing of customer returns / defective merchandise Customer issues / major problems / complaints Delivery information: packing list or manual list (from manual deliveries) Store equipment problems if any Put phone on night. Press night button and then code 0000. Log off and turn off back computer. Refer to store manual for details.

On front computer, use RB Controls to punch out for the day. Then log off and shut down the computer. Refer to store manual for details. Turn off all the lights. Turn on the outside spot light. Set the alarm. All doors must be shut tightly in order for the alarm to set correctly. If alarm is not set correctly, you will hear one long steady beep. In this case, push reset button, check doors etc.

and try to set the alarm again. Once alarm is set, proceed immediately to the front door, exit the store and lock the door behind you. Reset Button Reset button

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