CitiBuy Documentation (Baltimore)

CitiBuy Documentation (Baltimore)

BidBuy Objectives Explain the intent of BidBuy

Understand the General Organization of BidBuy Explain the Approval Path process Understand Approval Structure Review and Approve a Document in BidBuy Process/Update Registration What is BidBuy? Joint eProcurement initiative of the CPO-GS and CMS o Cloud-based e-Procurement system

o Highly configurable Interfaces o Vendor Illinois Procurement Gateway, BEP o Financial SAP o Waivers & Reporting PPB Why BidBuy? (Benefits - Tip of the iceberg) Statewide Strategic Procurement

o o o o o Business Intelligence Procurement Data Process Workflows Auditing Efficiencies Integrated Procurement Process Vendor Management

Contract Management o Contract Inventory What is BidBuy?

Legacy Remedy (PBC) Survey Process (Manual) Illinois Procurement Bulletin Procurement File Statewide and Agency Approvals

AIS/Comptroller NOW & SAP What is BidBuy? Staying the Same o Vendor Registration in IPG

o Procurement Justification Form o NIGP Codes Identified at line item level o Wet-ink contracts Physically file with the Comptroller Comptrollers 3 wet-ink signature requirements Implementation Stage

Status Date Vendor Registration Live 2016 CMS Pilot

Live 6/17/17 Agency Pilot Live 7/15/17

Release off Master Live 10/15/17 All Agency Procurement Live Rolling 6/30/18

General Overview General Overview General Overview What is meant by a Document Generally speaking, in BidBuy the term Document describes the different stages a

solicitation may go through in the process of procuring that good or service. 3 Document Types 1. Requisition 2. Bid o o o Bid Tab

Quotes Amendment 3. Purchase Order o Change Orders What is a Requisition (Req)? A BidBuy Req is a Document which allows Agencies to:

o o o o Place requests for goods and services Record justification of need (replaces PBC) Request an Informal Quote (RFQ) Respond to Demand Aggregation Requisition (Survey)

o Request a release (Order off Master) What is a Bid? A BidBuy Bid is a Document which allows Agencies to: o Publish-- replaces the Illinois Procurement Bulletin (IPB) Publish Solicitations, Amendments, General Notices, Award Notices, Hearing Notices, Etc. o Accept Vendor Quotes o Prepare Bid Tabs

o Make Vendor Award What is a Purchase Order (PO)? A BidBuy PO is a Document which allows Agencies to: o Purchase goods or services -- serves as contract vehicle o Communicate purchase details to the public, vendor(s) and the State o Allows Contract amendments to be applied to PO via Change Orders

BidBuy Organization Structure Parent Organization (State of IL) Child Organization (Agency) Department(s)

Location(s) Stand-Alone Organization (Agency) Child Organization (Agency)

Department(s) Location(s) Department(s) Location(s) Home Screen -- Training Environment

Training Environment Useful Links Password Requirements Help Desk Login Screen

State User Login NOT for State Users NOT for State Users Open Solicitations Closed Solicitations & Contracts Organization

Role BidBuy Functional Flow As you work your way through they system, remember, BidBuy is designed to go o Left to Right in a Tabular Structure o Top to Bottom o Save or Submit on the bottom of the page Header

Navigation Ribbon Tabs or Control Center Status Code Status Code

Troubleshooting in BidBuy 3 tips while Troubleshooting 1. Check your Organization! 2. Check your Role! 3. Check your second step! Several actions in BidBuy require a second step to complete. Log Into BidBuy 1. Go to BidBuy at 2. To login, enter your Training Login ID and your

Temporary Password [email protected] 3. Click Login First time Log in Steps First time logging into BidBuy, you will be prompted to Change Password: o o o o

Current Password: [email protected] New Password: Confirm New Password: Click Submit First time Log In Steps My Account Maintenance To enable emails to be sent to your Training Login ID, we will update My Account My Account maintenance 1. Click My Account

2. Click Edit 3. Change Email to your email address 4. Select Login Question 5. Enter Login Answer o Question/Answer to be entered when using BidBuy Login Assistance 6. Enter Current Password 7. Click Save & Exit Hands On Review within BidBuy

o o o o Organization Role Navigation Control Center BidBuy Approvals

33 Why do we need approvals An approval creates a path to identify users to approve or disapprove a procurement document depending on the approval criteria. Provide an opportunity to review all required items -- verifying accuracy of the billing amount, delivery address, proper authorizations received.

34 What am I approving? All the same items as you did before using BidBuy, presented in a different format, based on the established approval paths. Who approves?

Agency Paths Determined by Agency Approval Paths o Statewide Paths GOMB DoIT CMS BOSS BEP SPO

Document Level and Sequence of Approval Requisition Level 3 Sequence 1: All Purchases $250,000 Level

2 GOMB Legal Review Sequence 1: All Purchases CMS Level

1 Sequence 1: All Purchases $10,000 or above Agency Supervisor Sequence 2: All Purchases Except IT $10,000 or Above

SPO Sequence 2: All Purchases $25,000 or Above Agency Director Sequence 3: All IT $100,000 or Above CMS DoIT

Sequence 3: All Purchases $100,000 or Above CFO APO Approval Paths 37

Based on o o o o Document Type (REQ, BID, PO) NIGP Code $ Threshold Special Accounting Type

Approval Path 39 Approval Actions Document Summary Tab Approver Permanent o Primary approver Alternate Approver Permanent o Concurrent notice with primary approver

Equal to primary approver Proxy Approver Temporary o Used for vacation or absence How will I be notified that something needs my approval? 40 Email

BidBuy Home screen, Approvals tab Approval Approval o Creates the Approval Record o Routes Procurements to Approvers o Records Approval Actions Approve Disapprove

Cancel Bid (Do Not Use) What Approval Actions can I take? Approve o BidBuy automatically notifies the approver via email and on their Control Center > Approvals tab Then notifies subsequent approver If no additional approvals are necessary, the document will change status to allow for further processing.

43 What Approval Actions can I take? Disapprove o The document is Returned to the creator to reopen the document to edit. Cancel DO NOT USE 44 Access Document to be approved

Click on the hyperlink to enter the document for approval Document opens at Summary tab 45 Review each tab Approval Actions Document Summary Tab

2 3 1 4 5 6 7

8 47 Approval Action Complete No further action is required. Lets look at some examples of what you might see when you go to approve

Approving in BidBuy Automated Workflow Creates History Approvals in Process Approve Document 50 STEP 1: Log into BidBuy

STEP 2: Click on Approvals tab STEP 3: Approve a document Step 4: Log Out Support Email Website State

User [email protected] neral/Pages/BidBuy/BidBuyTr ainingResources.aspx Vendor [email protected]

ERP Springfield: 217-524-DoIT (217-524-3648) Chicago: 312-814-DoIT (312-814-3648) thwayToProcurement/Pages/B idBuy.aspx

https://enterpriseweb.illinois.g ov/sites/erp/Pages/BidBuyJob Aids.aspx Cluster 2 Assistance Only: 615-882-6682 - 7301026629# Support Resources Trainer Support Website:

53 Closing

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