Chapter 14 Personality -

Chapter 14 Personality -

Chapter 14 Personality Test Review

According to Freud, the part of the psyche that stops a person from

stealing is the a. Collective unconscious

b. Id c. Superego

d. ego Answer: C


Gary feels that his younger son George is unattractive and not very smart.

He accuses his wife of picking on George and favoring their other son.

What defense is being used? What is projection?

Freud saw this part of the unconscious

as operating in terms of the reality principle.

What is the ego?

According to Freud, basic sexual and aggressive drives reside in the

a. Id b. Collective unconscious

c. Superego d. ego


a) Id Which psychologist suggested that

traits are inherited?

Who is Gordon Allport?

Which of the following is a Robust Five personality factor?

a. Warm and cheerful b. Shy and emotional c. Sluggish and cool

d. Agreeableness-disagreeableness

Answer d) agreeableness-disagreeableness

Which psychologist introduced the

term inferiority complex ? Who is Alfred Adler?

What is Carl Jungs term for the part of

the psyche similar to Freuds unconscious?

What is the personal unconscious?

Sixteen year old Tom had started using drugs, and the changes in his

behavior made it pretty obvious, but Toms parents didnt believe the

school principal when she called to talk to them about the problem.

What defense mechanism is being used?


Which psychologist believed that social relationships are the greatest

influence on personality? a. Karen Horney

b. Carl Jung c. Alfred Adler

d. Sigmund Freud Answer

a) Karen Horney

Images such as supreme being and fairy godmothers are examples of?

What are archetypes?

He introduced a personality theory that is based on body typology.

Who is William Sheldon?

True or False?

Repression protects you from disturbing memories, forbidden

desires, painful feelings by burying such material in the unconscious.


Trixie was homesick and anxious when she moved into the dormitory and

started her first year in college. She began to sleep with her old teddy

bear again because it made her feel better. What defense mechanism is being used?

What is Regression?

True or False?

Freud often used hypnosis as a method of exploring the unconscious, until

many people denied the things they said when they were in a hypnotic state.


This type can be described as people

who are thoughtful, passive and quiet.

What are Introverts?

He developed the 16 PF scale based on 16 source traits.

Who is Raymond Cattell?

Mark behaves like a stereotypical heman, but he is actually anxious and

insecure about his gender identity. What defense mechanism is being used?

What is Reaction Formation?

Your image of who you are and what

you value.

What is self? Humanist who believed that many

people suffer from a conflict between what they value in themselves and

what they believe other people value in them.

Who is Carl Rogers?

The conditions a person must meet in order to regard himself or herself


What are conditions of worth?

A school of psychology that emphasizes personal growth and the

achievement of maximum potential by each unique individual.

Humanistic Psychology

The term for realizing ones unique potential.

What is self-actualization?

Bandura called this our view of our ability to succeed.

What is self efficacy?

The occurrence of rewards or

punishments following particular behaviors.

What are contingencies of reinforcement?

In this book, Skinner described an

Utopian society.

What is Walden Two?

His work in personality development focused on the importance of learning by observation.

Who is Albert Bandura?

Belief that the proper subject matter of

psychology is objectively observable behavior---and nothing else.

What is behaviorism?

Certain specific means by which the ego unconsciously protects itself

against unpleasant impulses or circumstances.

What are Defense Mechanisms?

The consistent, enduring, and unique characteristics of a person.

What is personality?


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