Brand Names, Logos, Trademarks & Slogans

Brand Names, Logos, Trademarks & Slogans

Brand Names, Logos, Trademarks & Slogans Brand Names A word or words used to identify a specific product or service Example: Kraft Dinner

Pepsi Big Mac Kleenex The Worlds Most Valuable Brands Forbes Magazine - Most Valu able Brands 2013 LOGO A design, symbol or picture that associates a corporation with its product or service

Example: Golden Arches McDonalds Apple Apple Inc. TRADEMARK A legally defined logo or distinctive type of lettering that is used to identify a product or firm The

trademark is registered with the government and protected for the sole use of the registrar SLOGAN A series of catchy, easy-to-remember words that are used to identify and promote a product Examples Taste the rainbow Skittles Taste of a New Generation

Pepsi Just do it! Nike Name That Slogan Melts in your mouth, not in your hand M&Ms

A diamond is forever De Beers Dont leave home without it American Express Share moments, share life Kodak Finger lickin good KFC Requirements of a good brand name Create a positive image of the product or service in the consumers mind Simple, Easy

short, unique to remember Catchy Brand Names: Trivia Schneiders named for founder J.M. Schneider Listerine named for Joseph Lister

Revlon names for owner Charles Revson as was his cologne Charlie Nyquil came from Night Tranquil Translation Problems Chevy Nova sold poorly in Spanish speaking countries. No va translates to it doesnt go Standard Oil S.O. ESSO did poorly in

Japan, translation is stalled car Coke in Chinese characters translated to bite the wax tadpole They changed it when reintroduced in the 80s to mean happiness in the mouth Translation Problems Pepsi also had problems with its slogan Come Alive with Pepsi. In some parts of Asia it translated into Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the dead

Translation problems also occur when products are brought into Canada, would you buy a chocolate bar called ZIT? Brand Classification Name of the Maker Royal Doulton Regal Shoes Kraft Margarine B.F. Goodrich Tires

Geographical Names Historical Names Laura Secord John Hancock Insurance Family Names Ford Motor Company Schneiders WalMart Corning Ware Champagne

Name Indication Quality Names Suggesting Use Hide-a-Bed Sofa Presto Coffee Maker Lazy boy Brand Classification conti. Words derived from a business Name

Sun Oil Company Esso Steel Co. of Canada Stelco Northern Telecom Nortel Letter/Numbers NCR Company IBM Mis-Spelled Words Kool-Aid Toys R Us

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