Best practices for adult education

Best practices for adult education

BEST PRACTICES FOR ADULT EDUCATION Kristy Cotton, Brad Daughtry, Laura Hooks, Michelle McNair, Heather Santos, Christine Zodrow AET 520 Andrea Akins October 1, 2012 Click icon to add picture INTRODUCTION Professional Learning Teams Engagement Strategies Collaborative and

Cooperative Learning Utilization Technology PROFESSIONAL LEARNING TEAMS Collaborative teams of teachers, administrators, and staff Professional Development Peer to Peer evaluation Promotes leadership, vision, and values

Vision Leadershi p Values Learning Teams PROFESSIONAL LEARNING TEAMS Weekly meetings for department teachers Discuss lesson plans, successes and challenges and best practices

Collaboration and professional growth Student improvement and success ENGAGEMENT STRATEGIES Engagement strategies are defined as a way of attracting and holding on to the students attention Engagement strategies help to eliminate frustration Creates continuity between instructor and learners Engagement is critical to the level of learning achieved

Engagement helps to develop critical thinking skills Encourages interaction and participation STRATEGIES FOR ENGAGEMENT Space Making lectures more interactive Ticket to Exit Wait time

Give One-Get One COLLABORATIVE/COOPERATIVE LEARNING Each member is able to contribute their understanding of the problem, questions, insights and solutions. Students work to understand each others questions, insights and solutions. Each member empowers the other to speak and contribute. Groups are dependent on others, and they depend on you (Aronson, 2012). COLLABORATIVE/COOPERATIVE

GROUPING STRATEGIES Jigsaw activity-small group activity Numbered heads together-small group activity requiring four students Think pair share-can be conducted with less people in the group Inside outside circlecan be used in larger groups or medium sized groups FACULTY SUPPORT, COLLABORATION AND COMMUNICATION

Facult y Advis or Stude nt FACULTY SUPPORT, COLLABORATION AND COMMUNICATION Time Resourc es Empath y UTILIZATION OF TECHNOLOGY Use of leading-edge technology in education often focuses on simple

amplification of existing learning and teaching activities. When utilizing technology best practice would be to develop a culture of innovation Provide a changing balance to scaffold learners use of the Internet, social networking, and new media Supporting sustainable organic growth through encouraging grass roots development Developing excellent education design practice

Interne t Global Support Comput er Phone Social Networ ks Twitter Faceboo k LinkedIN Online Learnin g Work Home School UTILIZATION OF

TECHNOLOGY Leadership is the key ingredient Technology integration is a s-l-o-w process Effective use of technology required changes in teaching, and the adoption of a new teaching strategy can be a catalyst for technology integration Each school needs easy access to professionals with expertise in technology CONCLUSION AND REFERENCES Aronson, Elliot (2012). Jigsaw classroom.

Highlights of what Retrieved from Knowles, M.S.(1970). The modern practice of we learned today adult education: From pedagogy to andragogy. Professional Learning Teams Collaborative teams of teachers, administrators, and staff Collaborative Professional Team Development Engagement Strategies The six characteristics of the Adult Learner according to Malcolm Knowles Collaborative and Cooperative Learning Grouping Strategies Building Relationships Utilization of Technology A culture of Innovation New York, New York: The Association Press Dunnick Karge, B. (2011September). Engagement

strategies for enhancing college teaching. Retrieved from 11091.pdf SEDL. (2012). Retrieved from change/issues/issues61.html SERVE Center at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. (2012). Retrieved from Srivinivas, Hart (2012). Collaborative Learning Strategies. Retrieved from ml Wade, W. F., & Leah, E. W. (2009). BEST PRACTICES FOR ONLINE INSTRUCTORS: Reminders. Quarterly Review of Distance Education, 10(3), 279-284,319-320. Retrieved from accountid=35812

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