Bellringer - Mrs. Cartner

Bellringer - Mrs. Cartner

Bellwork Binder Organization Syllabus Tab Unit 1 Unit 1 Bellringers Unit 1 Exit Slips Study Guide Unit 1 Vocab Unit 1 Homework 1A Tab Assessments and Graded Work

If you have the syllabus slip your parent signed, please turn that into the turn in work basket. Reminder Homework and Vocab Due: ______________ Colonization Standards B.1.a. Identify the reasons for colonization, evaluate its impacts, and analyze

the success or failure of settlements in North America B.1.b. Analyze religious development and its significance in colonial America (e.g., religious settlements, the Great Awakening) B.1.c. Describe significant aspects of the variety of social structures of colonial America B.1.d. Compare the economies of the various colonies, and analyze the development and impact of indentured servitude and African slavery in North America (e.g., social, political, and economic) Learning Targets U1T1 I can identify the reasons for colonization in each region of the

American Colonies (New England, Middle, Southern). U1T2 I can identify and describe the successes and failures of early settlements (Jamestown, Plymouth). U1T3 I can compare New England, Middle, and Southern colonies in terms of economics and social structure. U1T4 I can describe the transition from indentured servitude to slavery. TIMED-PAIR-SHARE Question: What would make you decide to leave your home and start over someplace far away? Think time: 5 seconds Pair/Share time: 30 Seconds Partner A/C goes first! YAY! Try giving an encouraging remark like thanks for sharing at the end of your partners response.

Reasons for European Migration to the New World First Settlements: Successes and Failures Jamestown 1607 Draw name, date, and a star like the one on the map Reason for settlement: economic profit Draw a dollar sign ($) next to your

Jamestown label. Watch video and record successes and failures Jamestown First Settlements: Successes and Failures Plymouth-1620 Draw name, date, and star like the one on the map

Reason for Settlement: Religious freedom Draw a cross (+) next to your Plymouth label Watch video and record successes and failures Plymout h Original 13 Colonies New England Massachusetts (MA)

New Hampshire (NH) Connecticut (CT) Rhode Island (RI) Middle New Jersey (NJ) New York (NY) Delaware (DE) Pennsylvania (PA) Southern Virginia (VA) Maryland (MD) North and South Carolina (NC, SC) Georgia (GA) Step 1 Select a different

color for each region and fill in or outline on your map. * Use the Nystrom US History Atlas if you need help locating each colony (pg. 24) Step 2 Complete the comparison chart on your notes. Include at least 2 facts in each space. Reviewing Main Ideas Southern Colonies: Economic Opportunities Colonists collect raw

materials (lumber, fish, etc.) for Great Britain. Mercantilis m Europeans find natural resource rich areas. Example: Jamestown, Virginia Colonists buy the finished products from Great Britain in order to trade and

survive. New England Colonies: Religious Freedom In Europe, Puritans sought to worship according to their own ideas instead of the Anglican Church. These groups were persecuted for treason against the King and sought to escape to America. Example Plymouth Massachusetts, Massachusetts Bay. Eventually, other religious groups had seek their own religious freedom from the Puritans.

Middle Colonies Combination of religious and economic reasons. Examples: New York economic (won from the Dutch) Pennsylvania safe haven for Quakers. Maryland: safe haven for Catholics Colonial Current Events What questions do we need to ask in order explain these

headlines? Indentured Servitude Drops while Slavery Becomes Wildly Popular! What are indentured servants? What happened to cause this transition? What about slavery was better for the colonists than indentured servitude? George Whitfield Now a Household Name Are YOU Ready for Change!? Why was George Whitfield so popular? What impact did he have on the colonies? Complete the organizer and questions on 1B using the information provided.

Exit Slip 1. Identify one major colony or settlement in New England, the Middle Colonies, and the Southern Colonies AND explain why each was founded. 2. What struggles did Jamestown and Plymouth face? How did they ultimately survive? 3. How did the economies of the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies differ? 4. Who were the most and least respected groups in society in each of the three colonial regions (New England, Middle, Southern)? 5. How are indentured servants different than slaves? 6. Why did colonists begin to use slave labor more than indentured servants?

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