Bedrooms - ESL Vocabulary Lesson -

Bedrooms - ESL Vocabulary Lesson -

BEGINNING ESL LESSON People sleep in beds. Beds are comfortable.

Most people sleep with a pillow under their head. Pillows are soft. . Blankets keep us

warm at night. A crib is a special bed for a baby. Cribs have high sides so babies wont fall out.

This dresser has six drawers. Fold your T-shirts, underwear, socks, and pajamas and put them in the

dresser. The woman is putting on make-up. She is looking in a mirror.

A nightstand is next to the bed. A book and a lamp are on the nightstand. This is an alarm

clock. The time is ten fiftyfour. Purple curtains are hanging over the bedroom window. The window is

closed. 2t e fe 4

fee t This is a small rug. It is four feet long and two and a half feet wide.

The woman is wearing a pink nightgown and slippers. She is ready for bed.

These are pink slippers. Slippers protect our feet and keep them warm. The man is wearing

a bathrobe. We wear bathrobes over our pajamas. Bedrooms have closets. We keep clothes,

shoes, belts, ties, and purses in closets. Some people have a shoerack. A shoerack holds

shoes, sandals, and slippers. Light switches turn lights on and off. When the light switch is up the

lights are on. Bedrooms have electrical outlets. We plug cords into electrical outlets.

headboard pillow mattres s footboar

d bed frame This bed has a headboard, a

footboard, a bed frame, a mattress, and a pillow.

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