An Introduction to British Romanticism

An Introduction to British Romanticism

An Introduction to British Romanticism English 238Fall 2011 Romanticism Defined: Romantic has come to mean basically two things: 1. The loving or potentially loving relationships b/w men and women. 2. A way of looking at the world that looks

beyond, or ignores, the world as it is and perceives a visionary world. History of Romanticism The most important event that led to the Romantic period (1789-1830):

The French revolution which was supposed to create a new society in France, creating a model for the world that would lead to the liberation of the human spirit. No True Revolution

The revolution accomplished none of these things. The Treaty of Versailles in 1815. Young people profoundly disappointed. Individual Responses of Poets

Blake bitterly attacked the social, political, and spiritual abuses. Wordsworth nostalgic & democratic. Shelley's poetry consistently revolutionary.

William Blake William Blake, an engraving by his wife Catherine done in 1785, when Blake was 28.

William Wordsworth Wordsworth looking a little dour. He was born in 1770, so this must be from the mid 1790s.

Percy Bysshe Shelley as a young man Died before he turned 30, so this is about as old as he got.

Intellectual Foundations of Romanticism Reaction to the literature and, especially, the thinking and practice of the 18th

century. The 18th century Age of Enlightenment: John Locke and Isaac Newton. John Locke (1632-1704)

Political and moral philosopher. Empiricism. No room for feeling, intuition, or vision. Isaac Newton

Newton discovered the laws of gravity, and generally, the laws of motion. Newtonian physics describe the nonliving world, at least before the discoveries of quantum mechanics. Isaac Newton

This is the earliest portrait of Sir Isaac Newton (1689). The artist was Godfrey Kneller, perhaps the greatest portrait painter of his day.

The Influence of Newton Newtonian physics. Science will discover everything. The Secularization of the 18th C.

God the Watchmaker. Science will discover all principles. No room for miracles, vision, or revelation. Romanticism was a reaction to

the Enlightenment Rebellion against rules. Characteristics of Romantic Writing

Romantic belief in the individual and democracy. But emphasis more often on the outstanding individual. Romantic Heroes

Alone, contemplating nature, working out their own destinies. Statue of Lord Byron Byron, the most popular poet of the

19th century in England and the US. Known for his lonely, heroic protagonists. Romantic Poetry

Great innovation. Sought poetic forms beyond the 18th century heroic couplet Romantic sonnet, ode, ballad, and

others. Blake invents his own form. Blakes The Lamb Blakes The Tyger

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