Achieving Ones Dreams! A Celebrity Profile Mr. Ham Greenwood High School Achieving Ones Dreams! What determines ones ability to achieve success?

Money Fame Position Looks Intelligence Strength It All Comes Down to Matters of the Heart! Anyone can become angry- that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way- this is not easy. Aristotle

Famous People with Learning Disabilities Albert Einstein He did not speak until age 3. He was thought to be simple minded, until it was realized that he was able to achieve by visualizing rather than by the use of language. His work on relativity, which revolutionized modern physics, was created in his spare time. Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.

Thomas Alva Edison He was unable to read until he was twelve years old and his writing skills were poor throughout his life. George Washington He was unable to spell throughout his life and his grammar usage was very poor.

His brother suggested that perhaps surveying in the backwoods might be an appropriate career for young George. Woodrow Wilson President of the USA and Nelson Rockefeller, Vice President of USA, were both severely dyslexic.

Tom Cruise Is unable to read due to severe dyslexia. He is able to memorize lines and perform on stage and screen. Harriet Tubman As a child he was struck on the head by an overseer. The blow fractured her skull and resulted in narcolepsy for the rest of her life. At the age of 29 she escaped from

slavery and lead others to freedom throughout the course of her life. Abraham Lincoln At the age of twelve he fell off a horse while visiting a farm several hours from his Kentucky home. From that point forward he experienced periods of dazing off and completely being unaware of his surroundings. Franklin Delano Roosevelt U.S. President (1882-1945) Due to polio, he was mostly confined to

a wheelchair throughout most of his life. People with Dyslexia Albert Einstein Henry Ford

Thomas Edison Alexander Graham Bell Leonardo da Vinci Charles Schwab Walt Disney George Burns Cher Jay Leno

Whoopi Goldberg Danny Glover Greg Louganis General George Patton Winston Churchill Woodrow Wilson Nelson Rockefeller Stutters Mel Tillis, 1976 Country Music Entertainer of the Year James Earl Jones, over came stuttering by reading Shakespeare

alone in a field Bruce Willis Charles 1, King from 1625-1649 Charles Darwin Bob Love, 3x NBA AllStar and led Chicago Bulls in scoring for 7 consecutive seasons Walter Annenberg, founder of TV Guide & Seventeen Clara Barton, founder of American Red Cross Marilyn Monroe

Famous People with Epilepsy Lord Byron Charles Dickens Agatha Christie Alexander the

Great Julius Caesar Socrates Leonardo da Vinci Michelangelo Famous People who have Battled Depression Buzz Aldrin, astronaut Ned Beatty, actor C.E. Chaffin, writer & poet John Daly, golf pro Gordon Summer (Sting), top 25 performers in 2001

Jean-Claude Van Damme Barbara Bush, former 1st Lady Drew Carey Jim Carey

Dick Clark Sheryl Crow Queen Elizabeth Anthony Hopkins Janet Jackson Ozzy Osbourne Boris Yeltsin, former President, Russia George Stephenopoulos Other Famous People with Learning Disabilities John F. Kennedy George C. Scott Tom Smothers Magic Johnson

Carl Lewis Sylvester Stallone John Lennon Robert Kennedy Wright Brothers Thomas Thoreau

George Bernard Shaw Beethoven Galileo Mozart Henry Winkler F. Scott Fitzgerald Robin Williams Dwight D. Eisenhower Dustin Hoffman Werner Von Braun, brains behind 1st generation of rocketry Everyone has misfortunes.

Life is defined by how we handle this misfortunes. 10% of the problem we cant control. However, it is the 90% that we can control that determines the outcome. Lack confidence Worry Become angry Blame others

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