2 years, 10 children and 49 exclusions - North Star Alliance

2 years, 10 children and 49 exclusions - North Star Alliance

2 years, 10 challenging children and 49 exclusions Ofsted May 2015 Behaviour has improved since the previous inspection and is now good. There are clear boundaries and expectations so that the vast majority of pupils behave well. Pupils enjoy learning and take pride in their work. The behaviour of pupils is good. The vast majority of pupils behave well in lessons and around the school. They are happy, friendly and polite. Almost all parents say their children are happy at school and that

behaviour is good. Pupils are proud of their school and work hard because they enjoy learning. They listen carefully to adults, respond positively to reminders and take pride in their work. Pupils are constantly reminded of the schools values: Presentation, Respect, Independence, Determination and Enthusiasm. Pupils understand these values and work hard to live up to them. Pupils play well together at break and lunchtimes. There are well-organised play areas, equipment for them to play with and good levels of supervision. There is a very small minority of pupils who have special educational needs related to behaviour difficulties, some of whom have recently moved to the school from other schools in the area. Staff have increased their skills in managing these pupils so that their behaviour is improving and

exclusions are reducing. An exclusion.. .when a childs behaviour is beyond the effective control of the school. NAHT advisor September 2015 And when you feel like youve failed. Louise White every time it happens.

Developing a school that could improve the emotional and social outcomes for children. September 2013 New staff led to children with probable attachment disorders or aspects of low self esteem to display challenging behaviour We kept as much of the behaviour policy and procedures as we could gotchas, merits, lunchtime detentions, praise assembly. Not long into the term and we began to experience the challenging behaviours 11 th

September for persistent defiant behaviour, followed three weeks later with a deliberate punch to the face causing the inside of the childs mouth to split. Staff were beginning to struggle to consistently apply positive behaviour strategies to the challenging children and this was beginning to impact on learning in the classroom. Challenge profile: 2 boys in year 6, 2 boys in year 5 with statements for BESD and 2 boys in year 4. .and just when you think youve got it sorted. September 2014

Challenging behaviour: 2 boys in year 6 with a statement for BESD 1 boy in year 6 who went on to get a statement and is now at Mowbray 3 boys in year 5. One went on to get a statement, spent 3 weeks at Forest Moor and was moved to Brompton Hall. One was moved recently to another school for a fresh start. One who is making progress but continues to require additional support. 1 boy in year 3 with a statement for BESD, about to move to Forest Moor. .what support can you expect?

Visits from the EMS to suggest visual timetables and alternative curriculums. A PSA to work with the family, as long as they agree. A weekly visit from a teaching assistant for one 30 minute session. An observation by the ed psych but no follow up report for 8 to 12 weeks. Ineffective offer of funds. RPI training Critisism that your staff are inconsistent. Accusations that you just want to get rid of children who are difficult. Comments from other heads that theyve always managed to talk children round before it leading to an exclusion

What we needed a LA behaviour support team that believed what we were saying and responded faster to the needs of the children and staff. We needed a system to. 1. manage behaviour 2. improve behaviour This needed to be understood by everyone

be fair be consistently applied. CLEAR EXPECTATIONS UNDERSTOOD BY EVERYONE PRIDE Presentation Respect Independence Determination

Enthusiasm BE KIND ..and then make it even clearer! There are three types of behaviour Green Amber Red .these are displayed in every classroom

Personalised for some children.this needs to be shared and agreed. These children are those who will say its unfair and argue black is white. Make the rules do the talking. Red and Yellow Cards Payback

Record the incident The Rainbow Room Internal Exclusions Restorative Practice ..the incident is not finished until there is a resolution.

Leadership must Communicate and model a clear vision of high expectations Monitor application and consistency Evaluate and tweak Support not judge staff Improving behaviour by addressing emotional needs. Wave 1 TOP 5 MUST HAVEs Positive behaviours reinforced

All classrooms to have a reflective area with posters designed by the children with restorative questions Class visual timetable School rules displayed in class Consistent use of School Behaviour Policy Wave 2 and 3 Staff training and working with Enhanced Mainstream Services Devise individual provision

Behaviour trackers

First, then Social stories Keep calm key rings 5 point scale Lego therapy Drawing and Talking Gardening/chickens Silver SEAL Everyone having a clear expectation

of childrens behaviour no excuses. Aim: For children to be ready to learn, to take risks, be resilient and have friends at an age appropriate level of independence. Teaching assistants in classes to manage childrens behaviour is not a long term solution. Behaviour Mentor

Carries out observations. Works with teachers and the SENCo to put wave 1, 2 and 3 provision in place and prepares resources. Meets parents and children. Carries out drop in sessions Delivers some of the wave 2 and 3 interventions Assesses emotional stages using Pivats and uses these to set targets. Reports on behaviour monitoring to the SLT and Governors .beyond the effective control of

the school. Inside Im hurting Louise Bombier attachment disorder Parenting Home life Safeguarding Special need Inclusion for all AB TP NM EC NH CR EH DW RC TR

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